Move of 4th Grade to IHGMS Under Preliminary Consideration

Posted by Tina McCoy on 10/11/2019

Move of 4th Grade to IHGMS Under Preliminary Consideration
  • Space needs and usage in our schools have changed over time due to various factors (enrollment, changes in technology use, and shifting positions).
  • The District is currently in the beginning stages of reassessing space use at IHGMS and LRES to make sure that we are using all available resources to provide the best learning environments (physical settings) we can for all of our students. 
  • Currently under preliminary consideration is the feasibility of moving grade 4 from LRES to IHGMS. 
  • While there is sufficient space at IHGMS (to include the 4th grade), our primary concerns are that any such move would a) not adversely impact on the education of students in grades 5-8, b) enhance the physical learning environments of students in grade 4 and c) improve the learning environments of students in grades pre/k to 3 by making additional adequate space available. 
  • No decisions have been made; much investigation and consideration will take place prior to any decision.
  • Stakeholder input is important, valued and will be considered. We are looking for concerns, questions, and ideas in relation to this matter. 
  • A forum is being planned for 6:30 PM on October 24th in the media center at IHGMS.
  • Any interested individuals are invited and encouraged to attend. IHGMS