Raymond Educators Working to Strengthen Competency Based Education Practices

Posted by Tina McCoy on 7/15/2019 2:15:00 PM

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Raymond Works on Building Competency Based Education Practices Throughout School District

Raymond District Curriculum Coordinator Mike Whaland goes over the district's problem of practice with educators. (Courtesy Photo Raymond Public Schools)
RAYMOND — To further their knowledge and practices on student-centered learning, administrators and educators throughout Raymond came together recently to participate in a three-day summer institute.

Student-centered learning is a component of competency based education -- an instruction model focused on providing a customized educational experience for all students.

On July 9-11, 194 teachers and administrators from Raymond, SAU 16, Oyster River, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newmarket and SAU 44 gathered at Exeter High School for inspiration, learning and to develop "problems of practice" (an area to work on and improve) for the upcoming school year.

Raymond will focus on the district's vision and work on aligning its core values from kindergarten all the way through grade 12, so that everyone is focused on the same mission.

"Our goal is to have teachers and staff focus on preparing students to graduate and be 'choice ready,' whether they are headed to college, a trade or entering the military," Raymond High School Principal Steve Woodward said. "So what does that look like for students in first grade? In fifth grade? In eighth grade? We want a mission and vision statement that's front and center and that we can reinforce throughout a student's career."

2Revolutions -- an education design lab that works with schools to implement new learning models -- designed and led the learning institute.

"What we're trying to do here is give everyone in the room the tools and resources they need to embody competency based education," 2Revolutions Founder/Partner Adam Rubin said. "Our goal is to help educators build their capacity on the ground and create a system that is sustainable as they continue with this work for years to come."

During breakout sessions on Thursday, educators got to work developing their problems of practice, outlining areas where their districts could support their peers in deepening their practice.

Raymond teachers and administrators collaborated on creating a unique vision for the district that posed the question, "what do we want our students to look like when they leave Raymond and how can we ensure they get there?"

"The summer institute was a great catalyst to start some of this work," Curriculum Coordinator Mike Whaland said. "It was great to get a group of educators from different grade levels and expertise to contribute to the conversation and help shape the picture as to where we stand and where we want to go."



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