• Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:20am-2:50pm  



    The Raymond High School Guidance Department offers individualized services to RHS students as an integral part of educational development at the high school level. Our certified staff offer a broad range of personalized services in three major domains in an adolescent’s life: Educational Development, Career Development, and Personal and Social Development. The guidance department helps students to customize their educational experience and develop personalized post-high school plans. Guidance counselors may also provide referrals to outside agencies for students requiring mental health counseling. Counselors will also provide access to support services, educational materials, and other resources to help parents and students deal with the social-emotional issues and concerns.The RHS Guidance Department staff is available to all students during the school day. To ensure counselor availability, we encourage students to schedule appointments through the guidance secretary during operating hours (7:20 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.).