Volunteering at Raymond School District

If you are interested in volunteering for our School District it may help to understand how the District processes volunteers. There are two types of volunteers: Event (one day only) and Designated (volunteers on a regular bases). Designated volunteers will need to have a background check done at the Human Resources Department. Once background check is accomplished, the Designated volunteer can help out at the schools or chaperone on field trips anytime there is a need.

Ask a secretary in the main office of the school you want to volunteer for a volunteer packet.  Let the secretary know what activity you are interested in volunteering for.  The secretary will help to determine if you will be an Event or Designated volunteer. The packet consists of the following: 

For Event Volunteer: Raymond School District Policy-IJOC, Volunteer Service Agreement Form and Confidentiality Agreement Form.

For Designated Volunteer: Raymond School District Policy-IJOC, Volunteer Service Agreement Form, Confidentiality Agreement Form, Raymond School District's Acceptable Use Policy and acknowledgement form (appropriate use of technology resources), Instruction for Bullying Prevention training online with Primex. 

Once your have filled out the forms completely and done the necessary training, you will submit the packet to the main office of the school you are to volunteer for.
The building principal will approve the forms and they will be submitted to the Human Resources Department at the SAU.  

If you are an Event volunteer and Human Resources Department has received your completed packet, you will be added to a district shared list of volunteers and may attend your school activity.

If you are to be a Designated volunteer, you will receive a call from the Human Resources Department to set up an appointment to come to the SAU for a background check, which includes fingerprints for a FBI check.  The appointment with Human Resources will be approximately 1/2 hour long and include:

  • Filling out a Criminal History Record Release Form
  • Submitting a check or money order for exactly $21.25, made out to State of NH-Criminal Records (you will receive half back once approved by the state)
  • Driving to the Raymond Police Department to get your fingerprints done
  • Return the fingerprint card to the SAU
  • Picture taken for a school ID Badge

Once your fingerprint card is returned to the Human Resource Department, you are free to volunteer in your school pending the results from the state.  You will be added to the district shared list of volunteers.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer at one of Raymond's schools, please contact the main office of that school for more information:

Lamprey River Elementary School – 603-895-3117

Iber Holmes Gove Middle School – 603-895-3394

Raymond School District – 603-895-6616

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