Standards Based Grading

  • Standards-based Grading Information

    The District is in the process of reconfiguring how we grade and report to parents and students.  The main outcome of our work will be the production of standards-based report cards.  To accomplish this, the Standards-Based Grading Committee has devoted many hours to the examination and integration of standards-based grading practices, and to the examination of many and varied standards-based report cards from other school districts.  Their work has been fruitful and they, with teachers, have reached agreement on many practices and models pertaining to this project.  Several design drafts of report card are being reviewed.  Many teachers are joining in this effort to more clearly communicate student achievement to parents.  

    What standards-based grading and reporting will do is provide a much more detailed grade that is matched to the reporting standards that we have agreed on.  What this will look like, generally, is a report card that has multiple grades for each subject, rather than the traditional single grade.  Each of the multiple grades will be based on a particular reporting standard (also known as a competency at the high school level).  The level of information afforded by this form of reporting will make it clear where the student needs the most support and where the student is excelling within each subject. 

    One of the distinguishing characteristics of standards-based grading and reporting is the separation of academics from behaviors on the report card.  Parents certainly need to know how their child is behaving in class, but the behaviors should not be part of the calculation of the academic grade.  The grade is based on mastery of academic standards, while the behaviors are reported in a separate section.  This provides a better measure of academic proficiency, while also providing direct communication about the behaviors that parents are most concerned about.  Parents’ advice and input on which behaviors they are most interested in hearing about will be gladly taken. 

    For more information on standards-based grading, view the document referenced below.