• Steve Woodward, Principal

    Fiona Coomey, Assistant Principal

    Kim Capen, Special Ed. Transition/Process Coordinator

    Ann Roman, Principal's Secretary

    Sue Trudel, Assistant Principal's Secretary

    Laura Sforza, Attendance Secretary/Receptionist


    The Raymond High School staff is here to work closely with the students and parents to make the educational experience individualized and challenging in a safe and supportive environment for all students. We are committed to preparing our students to assume their roles as productive, responsible citizens.

    We believe each student is capable of learning and will succeed by engaging in a rigorous and relevant curriculum at his or her appropriate instructional level. Open, honest, and timely communication between teachers, students and parents is a crucial piece to this experience. Expectations and goals must be defined and articulated so that students can develop responsibility for their learning. This communication will help students assess their progress towards personal growth and fulfillment.

    Success in school breeds success in life, students must put school first and work hard to accomplish goals. Part of putting school first is preparing for class and being an active learner when in class, contributing, questioning, and leading. RHS staff members are prepared to help guide and direct students through this hard work. The learning environment is created by students, staff, and parents working together placing school as the number one priority. School must come before jobs, outside interests, and other personal conflicts if learning success is to be achieved. Students must be committed to school.

    Success in school is a team effort between teachers, students, and parents. All constituents must communicate openly and be committed to the development of hard work and placing school as a priority. Parents and students are invited to work with us to enhance the learning experience at Raymond High School.

    Go RAMS!